Cob house

Below the design of a roundhouse with reciprocal roof. Currently, we’re looking for a place to actually build it. The walls will be made from cob, the reciprocal roof will be covered with a green roof. The diameter is 10 metres, meaning the area is just 79 square metres, including the walls.

The video below gives more info on the way the model was build.

A more detailed version was made with the computer, using the free Google Sketchup software.


  1. Brian Taylor

    This looks amazing, extremely like our design. So great to see a clay and 3D model to show people I’m not crazy and it will look gorgeous!



  2. Sam

    I notice you lost your reciprocal roof page. Why? I hope you replace it. It was a very clear explanation. It was at,


    I got a copy from the Internet Archive. I hope to put one of these on a big underground shed I’m building. If I can ever get it finished…that is. Anyways thanks for the original page.

    1. dsiepman (Post author)

      It was somehow lost, but I translated it again, see: /?page_id=884&lang=en

      1. borisq

        I would like to see the results. is it possible to share this content again?


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