Reaching climate goals: end industrial food system


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Superb infographic by Grain, a non-profit organisation that supports small farmers and social movements for community-controlled and biodiversity-based food systems. Now, local food is always a good idea, but you’ll really get motivated after reading the current situation in industrial farming and dito distribution. Issues with the food system on page one, solutions on page two. Spoiler alert: you and me are the key to positive change.

The content of the PDF can also be read online

Over two kilograms of atlas for free!


Went yesterday to the NJN symposium on soil life. One of the speakers was Dr. Ir. Gerlinde de Deyn who had brought a copy of the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas, a huge and beautiful piece of work. It can also be downloaded for free, in high resolution with copyright-free pictures. The paper version is for sale for a mere € 25,-

The worldwide catastrophic soil degradation will lead in a few decades to a complete loss of agricultural land. A totally different way of farming and economic thinking is paramount. Now, we can go sit and wait for policymakers to make a move, but you can diminish your share in habitat destruction today. Hint: buying organic and stop consuming animal products is a giant leap forward. The atlas will help to motivate you with a wealth of information.

Indeed, food security is mainly a concern for humanity. In a wider perspective we’re talking about the loss of biotopes and biodiversity at a scale never observed by man.

Plastic Soup Surfer crosses North Sea

Yesterday, The Plastic Soup Surfer and surfshaper Bram Hoogendijk crossed the North Sea with their hydrofoil kite-surfboards. With their journey of 176 kilometres from Scheveningen (Netherlands) to Lowestoft (England) they want to draw attention to the ongoing plastic pollution of the sea. Also, they press for a more elaborate deposit scheme to minimise littering.  All info on the site van de Plastic Soup Surfer. Consider making a donation to enable their beautiful initiatives in the future!

Deer rescue (English subtitles)

This video shows how we untied this creature in distress. What it doesn’t show is the remarkable circumstances by which I stumbled upon it. Without sounding woolly it really felt I was guided to it… We’re talking about 34 square kilometres of nature. And the deer was nowhere near a path. You’re allowed to wander off the trails in this area, which almost nobody actually does. But I did. It also means you’ll see places were probably no-one had been for a long time, perhaps years. That’s indeed quite exceptional for our crowded, little country.
Anyway, while I was strolling, suddenly this deer jumps up while I passed it closely. And the rest of the story… Is in the video below.