Over two kilograms of atlas for free!


Went yesterday to the NJN symposium on soil life. One of the speakers was Dr. Ir. Gerlinde de Deyn who had brought a copy of the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas, a huge and beautiful piece of work. It can also be downloaded for free, in high resolution with copyright-free pictures. The paper version is for sale for a mere € 25,-

The worldwide catastrophic soil degradation will lead in a few decades to a complete loss of agricultural land. A totally different way of farming and economic thinking is paramount. Now, we can go sit and wait for policymakers to make a move, but you can diminish your share in habitat destruction today. Hint: buying organic and stop consuming animal products is a giant leap forward. The atlas will help to motivate you with a wealth of information.

Indeed, food security is mainly a concern for humanity. In a wider perspective we’re talking about the loss of biotopes and biodiversity at a scale never observed by man.

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